Getting To Know Your Long Arm Quilting Machine

Sewing is a tradition that required acute dexterity and patience. Today, with machines that can sew faster and efficiently, there's still a set of skill you need to possess and apply to work out a good result out of the machine. Just as sewing needs skills, quilting to needs knowledge. Knowing about the parts of the long arm quilting machine is also important to obtain a good finished result. Know more

Let us know about the components involved in the long arm quilting machines and their use in quilting.

The Table:
Every long arm quilting machines consist of a table that can 10 to 14 feet in length. The table is a flat surface with a thin plastic sheet over it. The size of the table depends on the size of quilt you wish to make; however, choosing a table also depends on other factors such as the height of the sewist. For instance, a sewist with a short height may not be able to reach the ends of the table.

The Sewing Head:
The sewing head is made of sturdy metal of industrial standards. It is guided by hand controls on both sides or by computerized controls. Some sewing machines have a laser that guides the head along the pantograph. The pantograph is a pattern that is placed under the plastic sheet on the table. A hand drove machine uses unique handles with the help of which a sewist can guide the machine on the textile as per the required style. A computerized machine head is convenient as the user only needs to press a button on the keyboard for the desired pattern. The pattern is preset into the machine that will be sewed on the quilt. Read here

The Machine Frame:
A machine consists of some rolling bars that hold the textile layers together. Two feeder blocks can be seen on the side of the device. The feeders have a muslin leader that aids in attaching the quilt top and back with zippers and sewing pins. This helps in stretching the fabric tightly on the belly bar, and it is up to the sewist about how tight the stitches should be. Click here

Long Arm Controls:
Long arm controls are electronic controls that help the sewist in making adjustments as the fabric is worked upon by the machine. It is likely that every machine has controls that have functions that differ from machine to machine. Visit site